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      Case relations vs. semantic roles [1]
      Cataphoric use of Serbian impersonal genderless pronouns ovo, to, ono in cleft sentences [1]
      Catégorisation aspectuelle des concepts [1]
      Causal-Implicative Relationships in the Serbian Hypotaxis : Complex of generative complex sentences [1]
      Centering Theory, Transitions and Referent Marking in the Corpus of the Written Serbian Language [1]
      Certain microsyntactic constructions in Russian which include the word čto as a constituent element [1]
      Cognitive-discursive approach to the verb study [1]
      Common slavic *komońь 'horse' [1]
      Complement Sentences – Complementizers of Causative-Manipulative Verbs [1]
      Concerning Certain Syntactіc Functions of Nouns Like Man, Woman, etc. [1]
      Consequence Clauses with a Meaning of Measure and Degree [1]
      Contact-Induced Grammatical (Non)Changes? Observations of Morphosyntactic Structures in the Kashubian Dialect in Canada [1]
      Contrastive Grammar of Serbo-Croatian and Polish Language an Methodological Aspect [1]
      Contribution à l’étude du parler des Juruks de Macédoine [1]
      Coordinate and subordinate clauses in the Slavic languages [1]
      Coreference Relations in Complex Sentence with а Complement Clause [1]
      Critical Remarks on some more Recent Studies of the Old Church Slavonic Alphabet [1]
      Crtice o bruškom dialektu [1]
      Cryptoglossia as part of linguistic practice of the slavophone population of Kosovo and Metohija [1]
      Cultural Borrowing – Serbian jogurt between the East and the West [1]