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      The Assent and Grammatical Categorieso of thee -a Stemsi in South Slavic [1]
      The Basic Characteristics of Legal and Economic Terminology in the Banjska Charter [1]
      The Bilbe Lexicon in South Slavic Cyrillic Tradition [1]
      The Blue Color as a Linguistic Problem [1]
      The charter of emperor Stefan Dušan for the place Livada issued on December 12, 1347 [1]
      The cognitive and grammatical aspects of the evaluative use of dobar [1]
      The derivation of diminutives from abstract noun bases in Bulgarian [1]
      The dialects of Macedonia and Montenegro: Random linguistic parallels or evidence of a sprachbund? [1]
      The Directions of Prosodic Changes in Slavic Languages [1]
      The Evaluative Dimension of mEtaphor in Discourse: On the Possibilities of Bringing Together Conceptual Metaphor Theory and Appraisal Theory [1]
      The Evolution of the Imperfect in Serbocroatian [1]
      The Evolutive Aspect of The Short Jat Substituents Following the Sonant r – a Comparison Between the Serbian Literary Language and the Dialect of Vuk’s Ancestors [1]
      The Expression of Evaluation and Emotions in the Language [1]
      The expression of the singular/plural opposition in the East and South-East Slavic nouns [1]
      The Grammar of Syntactic Coreference [1]
      The Grammatical Categories of the Macedonian Verbal Noun [1]
      The Image of Venice in The Mountain Wreath: some Imagological Observations [1]
      The Imperative in the Vernacular of the Sirinić Župa in the North Šar Mountains [1]
      The Indo-European mini est construction in Slavic [1]
      The informative role of presupositions and implications confirmed by Serbian language data [1]