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      0 промени ст. слов. къіи „qui“ [1]
      A Contribution to the Study of the psl *kovylъ / *kovylь ‘stipa pennata’ [1]
      A few words of delight [1]
      A form of the grammaticalisation of a sentence meaning [1]
      A Fragment of a Russian Surface Syntax Model: Attributive Construstions [1]
      A Glossary for Serbian Medieval Copies of „Scala Paradisi” [1]
      A Proposal for the Aplication of Prototype Theory to the Lexicographic Treatment of Polysemy in Serbian [1]
      A proros du terme „đelak“ [1]
      A stratigraphic and structural approach to the study of magico-religious motivations [1]
      A Typology of Lexical Semantic Relations between Nominal Lexemes of Slavic Origin with Identical Roots in Serbian and Bulgarian : A Comparative Approach [1]
      About Irregular Antonyms Based on the Material from Vuk’s Proverbs [1]
      About the Origins and Destiny of the Erlangen Manuscript [1]
      Adele E. Goldberg: Constructions at work, the nature of generalization in language: Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2006 [1]
      Adjectives meaning ‘curly’ in the Serbian language: On the material of the common Slavic linguistic atlas [1]
      Adversative ausdrücke im Serbockroatischen [1]
      Albano-Caucasica pastoralia [1]
      Alemko Gluhak, Hrvatski etimološki rječnik, Zagreb 1993, August Cesarec, 832. str. [1]
      Alenka Šivic-Dular: Besedna družina iz korena *god- v slovanskih jezikih: Založba ZRC, Ljubljana, 1999 [1]
      Alina Kreisberg: Le storie colorate: Edizioni Tracce, Pescara, 2001 [1]
      All Researches Conducted so far the Influence of the Romanian Language on the Lexicon of the Serbian Vernaculars in the Romanian Banat [1]