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About the Grammatical Structure of Toponyms : Based on the Examples from Belica Region

dc.creatorРадић, Јованка
dc.description.abstractThe paper provides an analysis of toponyms from Belica, a central Serbian region, from the aspect of their classification according to the parts of speech. In their toponymic function nouns and adjectives appear as independent units. Particular attention is drawn by the adjectives functioning as nouns in toponymy evidenced both in the older toponymic layers (e.g.: Jagodna/Jagodina, Bukovée, Crnce, Rakitovo, Duboka) and in the younger ones. Possessive adjectives in toponymic function keep their adjectival properties and they appear in the neuter gender regardless of the gender of the object they denominate. In that respect, the doublet examples, such as: Gazdicke livade | Gazdicko, Manas- tirska Suma / Manastirsko, Lazina koliba / Lazino are quite illustrative. Such toponymic model was probably brought into the region of the central Serbia with the migrations of the population from the southern and southeast regions. Doublet toponyms are most often made up of the adjectival-nominal and prepositional-nominal syntagmas (e.g.: Crni vr, Tetrebovo polje, Belo brdo; Kod kalemi, Kod krstate bukve / Krstata bukva, Vise staklare). Within the adjectival-nominal syntagmas a phenomenon ts evidenced that one member of such a syntagma sometimes takes over the toponymic meaning and is used as a variant of the toponym. Among such variant toponyms are also the adjectives which after taking over the toponymic meaning join in the processes of forming nouns. In the prepositional-nominal syntagmas with toponymic meaning there are encountered many prepositions with the locative meaning (vise, do, iza, iznad, ispod, kod, na, nad, pod, preko, and u). Among them the most productive syntagmas are those with the preposition kod.en
dc.publisherБеоград : Међународни славистички центар на Филолошком факултетуsr
dc.sourceНаучни састанак слависта у Вукове данеsr
dc.titleО граматичкој структури топонима : На примерима из беличког крајаsr
dc.titleAbout the Grammatical Structure of Toponyms : Based on the Examples from Belica Regionen
dcterms.abstractRadić, Jovanka; O gramatičkoj strukturi toponima : Na primerima iz beličkog kraja;

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