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      "And Pilot from the Albanians". The Beginnings of the Political History of the Albanians [1]
      "The Roman History" of Nikephoros Gregoras: historical analysis of his work [1]
      "Византинизми" краља Стефана Радослава [1]
      "Заповести светих отаца" ("The Commandments of the Holy Fathers") from the Trebnik of the Monastery Zographou Library (Manuscript No 50) [1]
      "Ромејска историја" Нићифора Григоре: историјска анализа дела [1]
      A fragment of Embryology in the Manuscript of the Monastery of Kyrillo-Belozero XII (223v - 226r) [1]
      A hypothesis about the origin and administrative status of the Vardariōtai in the Byzantine Empire [1]
      A note on Homer the Raven [1]
      A role of the editor of a printed book and texts of the Rite of Confession from the Goražde Prayer Book [1]
      About Face: A Medusal Spoil in the Church of The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin in Smederevo [1]
      An architectural workshop from the 2nd decade of the 15th century in the border regions of Bulgaria and Serbia [1]
      An iconographic note on the wall paintings of the katholikon of the Hilandar monastery: the depiction of St. Sisoes above the grave of Alexander the Great in the exonarthex [1]
      An Unknown Daughter of Stefan the First-Crowned [1]
      Beards that matter. Visual representations of Patriarch Ignatios in Byzantine art [1]
      Bellerofonte che doma Pegaso : anello d’oro da Porodin vicino ad Aleksinac [1]
      Beobachtungen zum Taktikon Escorialense [1]
      Bequeathing in Medieval Serbian Law [1]
      Bequests in archives of the Athonite monasteries (XIII-XV century) [1]
      Bequests of the Archive of the Saint John Prodromos Monastery on Mount Menoikeion, near Serres (from the late 13th to mid–14th century) [1]
      Berroia in Stefan Dušan's politics [2]