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      (Re)construction of a reader’s taste. Literary poetics of Slobodan Jovanović [1]
      (Ре)конструкција једног читалачког укуса: поетика књижевности Слободана Јовановића [1]
      1968 and Yugoslav Writers: the Language Conflict, Student Demonstrations and Foreign Policy Challenges [1]
      1968. и југословенски писци: језички сукоб, демонстрације студената и спољнополитички изазови [1]
      A contemporary view of Mihailo Petrović’s doctoral thesis [1]
      A Contribution to the History of Serbian Dialects in the Kosovo-Metohija Region [1]
      A Portrait of a Ruler Between Historiographic and Literary Narration – U front by Vladan Đorđević [1]
      A View from the Hill – Jovan Dučić’s Anthropology Essays (Blago cara Radovana, Jutra sa Leutara) [1]
      Alchemy as a paradigm and phase in the development of modern science [1]
      Algebraic heritage of Mihailo Petrović Alas and Serbian algebraic school [1]
      Balkan Horizons of Vladan Đorđević [1]
      Between Fear, Doubt and Reality. Yugoslavia and Neighboring Warsaw Pact Countries in 1968.. [1]
      British and French evaluations of Stojan Novaković's government's foreign policy [1]
      Cadence in the Poetry of Jovan Dučić [1]
      Contemporaneity of Serbia by Criteria of the Sovereignty of Slobodan Jovanović [1]
      Conteporary Onomastic Investigations in Kosovo and Metohija [1]
      Critique of positivism in the light of Husserl’s idea of universal science [1]
      Defensive preparations of Stojan Novaković's government in 1909 [1]
      Die Wiener Jahre von Vladan Đorđević [1]
      Dr Vladan Đorđević, the first Honorary Doctor of Medical Sciences of the University of Belgrade [1]