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      Academician Mihailo Petrović – his contributions to science and education [1]
      Adsorption-desorption noise in microfluidic biosensors operating in multianalyte environments [1]
      Advantages of combined sintering compared to conventional sintering of mechanically activated magnesium titanate [1]
      Akademik Nikola Hajdin, predsednik Srpske akademije nauka i umetnosti : intervjui i izjave 2001-2012 [1]
      Analysis of Intrinsic Stochastic Fluctuations of the Time Response of Adsorption-Based Microfluidic Bio/Chemical Sensors: the Case of Bianalyte Mixtures [2]
      Analysis of Stochastic Time Response of Microfluidic Biosensors in the Case of Competitive Adsorption of Two Analytes [1]
      Analysis of the Fundamental Detection Limit in Microfluidic Chemical and Biological Sensors [1]
      Appendices to bibliography and sources of data [1]
      Assessment of Spasticity by a Pendulum Test in SCI Patients Who Exercise FES Cycling or Receive only Conventional Therapy [2]
      Aкадемик Владан Ђорђевић: живот, дело, време (1844–1930) [1]
      Biography of Jovan Dučić [1]
      Bulletin of scientific and art research : annual report for 2018 [1]
      Bulletin of scientific and art research : annual report for 2019 [1]
      Bulletin of scientific and art research : annual report for 2020 [1]
      Charters, decrees, decorations, medals, documents [1]
      Chinese approach in globalization era: information-based revolution of education, science and technology [1]
      Codex Imperatoris Stephani Dušan [1]
      Collective rights management and digitalized cultural heritage [1]
      Companions on A path by the road: Dučić's views on Serbian literature in the context of world art and culture [1]
      Competences of state authorities during cultural heritage’s digitisation procedure : experiences from the comparative law [1]