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      Collection of the Photographs in the Archive of The Institute of Musicology SASA [1]
      Common scale features of the recent Greek and Serbian church chant traditions [1]
      Communication and analogies between music and image: Dragutin Gostuški's theory of screen [1]
      Communion songs not regulated by the typicon in the recent tradition of Serbian church singing [1]
      Communist Ideology and Academic Education. A Case Study: World Music History as a Subject in Romanian Universities, 1948-2014 [1]
      Competitions as a form of public gusle playing performance [1]
      Composer of the Revolution: Scriabin’s idea of the Mysterium – the total work of art [1]
      Composing with Quantum Information: Aspects of Quantum Music in Theory and Practice [1]
      Consequences of the Affective Turn: Exploring Music Practices from without and within [1]
      Constructing an Alternative Life: Music and Theatre in the First World War Serbian Prisoners Camps in Austria-Hungary [1]
      Contemporary musical historiography and the problems of the methodological approach [1]
      Contemporary Urban Folk Music in the Balkans: Possibilities for Regional Music History [1]
      Contextualization of early modernism in Serbian music: Case studies of two works from 1912 [1]
      Contribution of Ljubica and Danica Janković to Establishment of Ethnochoreology in Serbia as an Academic Scholarly Discipline [1]
      Contribution of performance studies to regional popular music research: “Tamburica Fest” as performance [1]
      Contribution of Petar Krancevic to the Work of Serbian Church Singing Society in Sremska Mitrovica [1]
      Contributions aux biographies des musiciens Serbes [1]
      Cowdery James R., Zdravko Blažeković, Barry S. Brook (ed): Speaking of music: Music conferences, 1835-1966, RILM, New York, 2004 [1]
      Creating Haydn’s Sonatas at the Keyboard – Performer Rights and Responsibilities in Historical Performance [1]
      Creativity and Ownership: Protection of Rights in Musical Works in the European Union From Digitisation to Artificial Intelligence [1]