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      Book review: Peter Tschmuck, The Economics of Music, Newcastle upon Tyne: Agenda Publishing, 2017 [1]
      Borders and bridges: Preliminary thoughts on Balkan music [1]
      Boro Majdanac i Milena Radojčić (prir.): Akademsko pevačko društvo Obilić (1884-1941) - dokumenti, sećanja, komentari, Istorijski arhiv Beograda, Beograd, 2005 [1]
      Bugarska svadbarska muzika između folka i čalge - politika, tržište i današnje usmerenje [1]
      Bulgarian wedding music between folk and chalg: Politics, markets and current directions [1]
      Byzantine Church Music Between tradition and Innovation [1]
      Byzantine Psalmody in the Time of the Ruler Nemanja/Monk Simeon and Hymns Celebrating his Sainthood [1]
      Can music progress?: Reflections on the history of popular music [1]
      Can We Hear the Sounds of Quantum Superpositions? [1]
      Caractéristiques des œuvres pour piano d’Ivan Jevtić [1]
      Carnal encounters and producing socialist Yugoslavia: voluntary youth labour actions on the newsreel screen [1]
      Castor et Pollux by Jean-Philippe Rameau in the light of diferences between the two versions of the opera (1737, 1754) [1]
      Catherine II’s The Early Reign of Oleg: Sarti, Canobbio and Pashkevich Working Towards an Ideal [1]
      Center for Popular Music Research and Popular Music Studies in Serbia: Institutionalization on the Musicological Margins [1]
      Central Rotation of Regular (and Irregular) Musical Poligons [1]
      Chanting of the Inner Space: On Symphonic and Concertante Works by Milorad Marinković [1]
      Chants in Honour of the Great Martyr Prince Lazar of Serbia in the Old Russian Notated Manuscripts [1]
      Children’s Rhythmical System in Songs of Serbian Vocal Heritage [1]
      Christian Troelsgård: Byzantine Neumes, a New Introduction to the Middle Byzantine Musical Notation Subsidia, vol. IX, Monumenta Musicae Byzantinae, Copenhagen: Museum Tusculanum Press 2011 [1]
      Chromaticism: A theoretical construction or a practical transformation? [1]