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      Between autonomy of music and the composer’s autonomy. Notes on modernisms and traditionalisms in Slovenian music of the 20th century [1]
      Between East and West: Dragutin Gostuški’s musicological work [1]
      Between Romanticism and Impressionism: Suton ('The Twilight') by Stevan Hristić [1]
      Between the Film Reality and a Theatre Dream : Intermediality on an Example of the Charlie Chaplin's Film Limelight [1]
      Beyond Nations: A Thematic History [1]
      Beyond Reproduction: Semiotic Perspectives On Musical Performance [1]
      Beyond the Crisis of Avant-Garde in Music: Potentials of the Welsch’s Concept of Transculturality in Musicological Studies [1]
      Beyond the Crisis of the Avant-garde in Music: The Potentials of Wolfgang Welsch's Concept of Transculturality in Musicological Studies [1]
      Beyond the East-West divide : Balkan music and it's poles of attraction [1]
      Bibliografija Predraga Miloševića [1]
      Bilingual neume collections of the late Middle Ages – a new view at the well-known music cources [1]
      Birds as an Inspiration: La Bouscarle by Olivier Messiaen [2]
      Biti moderan srpski kompozitor tridesetih godina 20. veka - stvaralački stav ljubice Marić [1]
      Black Swans and Many Worlds: Contemporary models in music, the arts and ideas [1]
      Bohlman Philip V. : The music of European nationalism: Cultural identity and modern history, Santa Barbara, Denver + Oxford: ABC Clio, 2004 [1]
      Bojana Cvejić: Open work in music. Boulez/Stockhausen/Cage [1]
      Bojana Radovanović, Eksperimentalni glas: Savremena teorija i praksa [Experimental Voice: Contemporary Theory and Practice], Belgrade: Orion Art, 2018, 170 pages, ISBN 978-86- 6389-073-21 [1]
      Bolman Filip V.: Muzika evropskog nacionalizma - kulturni identitet i moderna istorija, Santa Barbara, Denver + Oxford, ABC Clio, 2004 [1]
      Book review: Peter Tschmuck, The Economics of Music, Newcastle upon Tyne: Agenda Publishing, 2017 [1]
      Borders and bridges: Preliminary thoughts on Balkan music [1]