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      Back to the Future: Popular Music and Time (18th Biennial IASPM Conference in Campinas, 2015) [1]
      Bajin rudnik zlata [1]
      Balkan Ekspres miks Zorana Simjanovića - status pesme između arhivske i originalne muzike za film [1]
      Balkan folktronica бенда Архаи: српска етно музика преосмишљена за британско тржиште [1]
      Balkan kao simbol kulture u srpskoj muzici prve polovine XX veka [1]
      Balkans as a cultural symbol in the Serbian music of the first half of the twentieth century [1]
      Baltic Musicological Conferences: National Music Historiographies and Transnationalism [1]
      Barokne reference u delima Vlastimira Trajkovića [1]
      Baroque references in works of Vlastimir Trajković [1]
      Being a modern Serbian composer in the 1930's: The creative position of Ljubica Marić [1]
      Belgrade String Quartet as a Confirmation of Mokranjac's Affinities for the Chamber Music [1]
      Bellscapes [1]
      Between autonomy of music and the composer’s autonomy. Notes on modernisms and traditionalisms in Slovenian music of the 20th century [1]
      Between East and West: Dragutin Gostuški’s musicological work [1]
      Between Romanticism and Impressionism: Suton ('The Twilight') by Stevan Hristić [1]
      Between the Film Reality and a Theatre Dream : Intermediality on an Example of the Charlie Chaplin's Film Limelight [1]
      Beyond Nations: A Thematic History [1]
      Beyond Reproduction: Semiotic Perspectives On Musical Performance [1]
      Beyond the Crisis of Avant-Garde in Music: Potentials of the Welsch’s Concept of Transculturality in Musicological Studies [1]
      Beyond the Crisis of the Avant-garde in Music: The Potentials of Wolfgang Welsch's Concept of Transculturality in Musicological Studies [1]