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      Ways of Serbian music 1919-1944 [1]
      Wedding songs' melodic models of eastern Šumadija and Pomoravlje regions: A contribution to Serbian vocal dialects and identity studies [1]
      What Does Quantum Music Sound Like and What Would Pierre Boulez Think of It? Super Position (Many Worlds) by Kim Helweg (2017) [1]
      What does the Humming Avatar Remember? Composer's Voice and Memory in Ana Gnjatović's Phonations [1]
      What, How, and Why in Serbian Music after the Second World War, in the Light of Ideological-Political Upheavals [1]
      Why and how is academic research on music important for audience development? [1]
      William Byrd and the Limits of Formal Music Analysis [1]
      Wolfram Gerda Wolfram (ed): Palaeobyzantine notations III, Acta of the Congress held at Hernen Castle, The Netherlands, in march 2001. A. A. Bredius Foundations Peeters, Leuven - Paris - Dudly, MA, 2004 [1]
      Word and melody in the opus of Momčilo and Svetomir Nastasijević [1]
      Work and Activity of Mihailo Vukdragović and Marko Tajčević [1]
      Writers and chanters in the nineteenth century as keepers of the tradition of Serbian church music [1]
      Written Word on Music in the Journal (for Theatre, Music and Film) "Comoedia" [1]
      Written word on music in the journal for theatre, music and film "Comoedia" [1]
      Xenakis et le passage vers l'universel [1]
      Years of sound living: Mikser festival in Savamala (2012-2016) [1]
      YouTube as a platform and a possibility for future multi-media archives [1]
      Zagonetna himna za sv. Petku-Paraskevu: Kanon i njegove interpretacije u tematskoj zameni napeva [1]
      Zajedničke lestvične osobenosti novije grčke i srpske crkveno-pojačke tradicije [1]
      Zaumna Šeherezada - o beogradskim i pariskim (avangardnim) balovima između dva rata [1]
      Značaj digitalizacije muzikalija i zvučnih zapisa u Arhivu i Fonoteci Muzikološkog instituta SANU [1]