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Village of Mokro Polje according to the census of 1831 - an example of demographic circumstances at Serbian orthodox population in northern Dalmatia

dc.creatorПоповић, Мирјана
dc.description.abstractTh is essay uses a census of the Serbian Orthodox parish of Mokro polje in Northern Dalmatia, dating back from 1831. Based on the census, a demographic profi le of the population in this part of Dalmatia is given, including the analysis of the family structure, with reference to a number of social, religous and cultural circumstamces in this area in the early decades of the 19th century. Based on the data in the census, as well as by comparing it with censuses of other villages in diff erent parts of the Dalmatian parish, it is noticable that this village, as well as others nearby, had numerous households with seven and more members, while southern areas and cities had around fi ve. Average age of an inhabitant was around 26, but men were slightly older than women. Number of men and women was relatively balanced. More than half of the population in this parish consisted of residents younger than 24. Women entered marriage around 23, and men around 29 years of age. Men were generally slightly older than their wives, although in some cases it was reversed. Most marriages were concluded during the months of Fall, and no wedding was registered in March and December, during the periods of Lent. Th ere were more widowers than widows, which corresponded to the circumstances in the entire parish. As a consequence of deprivation and hunger, many families moved away from this area, most oft en to ”Turkey”, namely to the area of Western Bosnia.en
dc.publisherБеоград : Српска академија наука и уметности, 2017sr
dc.sourceЗборник о Србима у Хрватскојsr
dc.subjectдемографске приликеsr
dc.subjectсрпско православно становништвоsr
dc.subjectдомовни протоколиsr
dc.subjectсеверна Далмацијаsr
dc.titleСело Мокро Поље према попису из 1831. године - пример демографских прилика код српског православног становништва у северној Далмацијиsr
dc.titleVillage of Mokro Polje according to the census of 1831 - an example of demographic circumstances at Serbian orthodox population in northern Dalmatiaen
dcterms.abstractPopović, Mirjana; Selo Mokro Polje prema popisu iz 1831. godine - primer demografskih prilika kod srpskog pravoslavnog stanovništva u severnoj Dalmaciji;
dc.description.otherЗборник о Србима у Хрватској = Recueil des Travaux sur les Serbes en

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