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      A contribution to the history of Serbian orthodox municipality of Senj – Sava Kosanović, administrator of the municipality 1917–1919 [1]
      Breaking cliche on the killing of Yugoslavia: a role of Croatia [1]
      Domestic craft and crafts of Serbs in Drežnica in the late XIX and the first half of the XX century [1]
      Dubrovnik between Belgrade and Zagreb from unifi cation to the foundation of Banovina of Croatia (1918–1939) [1]
      From correspondence of Sava Kosanović [1]
      Gavro Manojlović (1856–1939): historian, academician, politician [1]
      Greater Croatian pretensions to Vojvodina [1]
      In memory of professor Vojin S. Dabić (1949–2017) [1]
      Letters of Laza Kostić to Marko Car [1]
      Luka Marić in defense of cyrillic and Serbian cultural society Prosvjeta in Croatia [1]
      Magazine of Serbian youth in Zagreb “Omladina” (1894–1895) [1]
      Miloš Škarić: Life and customs of Serbian people in Lika and Krbava [1]
      Orthodox population in Dalmatia, according to the statistical table from the middle of the 19 th century [1]
      Poems of Serbian poets in melographic notations of known and less known croatian melographers [1]
      Proclamation of A. T. Brlić “To brothers Croats and Slavonians” of 1852 [1]
      Religious life and ecclesiastical art of Serbs in Donji Budački in Kordun [1]
      Sava Vuković, Deputy of Rijeka at the National Church Congress at Timişoara and the Hungarian Diet (1790–1791) [1]
      Serbian girls’ school in Zadar [1]
      Sevastijan (Samuilo) Ilijć, a 19th-century writer [1]
      Sloboština of 1942 and its wells – a contribution regarding the genocide in NDH and the present-day obliteration of memory in Croatia [1]