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      Literary Work of Bora Stankovic and Vranje : Identity Strategies, Discourse and Practices [1]
      Living Acts of Dead Bodies. Death and Religion of the Nation in Serbia in 19th Century [1]
      Living acts of dead bodies: Death and religion of the nation in Serbia in 19th century [1]
      Logo and Semiosis (From an Icon Sign to the Serbian Culture Symbol) [1]
      L’humour noir sur le grand écran: de la culture du peuple à la culture populaire [1]
      Maintaining ethnic identity: Family patron's day among the Serbs in Budapest and surrounding area [1]
      Manastir Vaskrsenje Hristovo između religijskih i sekularnih diskursa [1]
      Marital and Family Life in Northern Šumadija in the Second half of the 20th Century [1]
      Marrying a Fairy and a Nereid: South Slavic-Greek Folk Parallels [1]
      Masks and Metamorphosis of Female Creativity – ‘Doll’ by Milena Pavlović Barili [1]
      Medea in the Past and in the Present: (Re)constructing the Identity of a Woman and a Foreigner in the Novel Medea by Christa Wolf [1]
      Memorial Service – a Means of Communication with the Dead [1]
      Methodological and Epistemological Challenges of Researching Co-Ethnic Migrations in a Post-War Area [1]
      Methodology and Sources put Forward to Explore Ethnicity: the Serbs in Battony [1]
      Migracije i kulturna prožimanja : Slovenci u Srbiji [1]
      Migracije in kulturna prežemanja : Slovenci v Srbiji [1]
      Migration as the Оbject of the Аnthropological Inquiry : Conceptualizations and Policies [1]
      Migration Studies: Ethnology and Policy of the Institute of Ethnography SASA (1947–2014) [1]
      Migration, Integration and Marriage Practices among the Gorani [1]
      Migrations and Cultural Interactions : Slovenians in Serbia [1]