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      Saint Sava’s Day as a Symbol of National and Religious Identity of Serbs in Diaspora [1]
      Sanitary cordon [1]
      Scientific and Research Proceedings of the Institute of Ethnography, Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts [1]
      Scientific Policies and Research Entities in Historical Self-Reflection: Institute of Ethnography SASA [1]
      Scientific Research among the People and in the (Urban) Field: Ethnology of the City in the Institute of Ethnography and in Serbia during Socialism [1]
      Self-rated health and teenage pregnancies in Roma women: Increasing height is associated with better health outcomes [1]
      Serb Community in Gnjilane: Nostalgia Discourse of the Urban Enclave [1]
      Serbian Colony in Thessalonica : Personal Names and Ethnic Markers in Registers (1896-1945) [1]
      Serbian Dance Tradition [1]
      Serbian Dishes on the Slovenian Table [1]
      Serbian Schools and Teaching of Serbian Language in Greece in the 20 th Century [1]
      Serbian-HungarianMarriages in Budapest and Surrounding Area [1]
      Serbs and Slovenians: Migrations, Meeting of People, Ideas and Ideologies [1]
      Serbs in Battonya: research of the Institute of ethnography SASA [1]
      Serbs in Greece : the national identity of the new emigrants [1]
      Serbs in Hungary: A View to the Contemporary Situation [1]
      Sestre Janković: pionirski rad na polju etnokoreologije [1]
      Shaping the Pain: Ancient Greek Lament and its Therapeutic Aspect [1]
      Shaping the Pain: Lamenting of Euripides’, Kakojannis’ and Kiš’ Electra [1]
      Signposts for the reconstruction of ancient ideological and identity matrices (or - ethnological-multidisciplinary view of various cultural-religious, ethnogenetic and other aspects of Serbian-Slavic civilization in the past) [1]