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      Radio “On the Cloud”: New Author Approaches in Creating Internet Radio [1]
      Radio „na oblaku“: novi autorski pristupi u kreiranju internet radija [1]
      Rađanje živih mrtvaca: karakteristike žanra zombi filma i Romerova vizija apokalipse [1]
      Readings in Popular Culture: Musical Scenes in Ideological Turnover [1]
      Recent Turkish Migrants in Serbia and the Role of the Serbian-Turkish Friendship Association [1]
      Reconstruction of Reminiscence, Construction of Memory : Tito’s Memorial House and Historical Museum of Yugoslavia [1]
      Refugee Studies or Forced Migration Studies: Theoreticalmethodological Review and Consideration of Multidisciplinarity in Applied Social Sciences and Humanities [1]
      Relativism and Anthropology [1]
      Religion, Identity and Cultural Changes : Serbian Society at the Beginning of Third Millennium [1]
      Religion, religiosity and contemporary culture : from mystical to (i)rational and vice versa [1]
      Religious and Secular Models of Power Achieved through Funeral Ritual: Ancient Paradigms [1]
      Religious practices in communist Yugoslavia: The celebration of Christmas in St George’s Church in Titovo Užice in 1956 [1]
      Religious Processions: Additional Results [1]
      Remembering Holidays in Serbia, from the Mid-20 th Century until Today [1]
      Reproductive behavior, ethnicity and socio-economic status a comparison of two Serbian Gypsy groups [1]
      Reproductive Investment and Health Costs in Roma Women [1]
      Research of Migrations in Central and Southeast Europe: Introduction [1]
      Research on Dance in the Byzantine Period: an Anthropological Perspective [1]
      Results of Contemporary Research of Serbian Folk Religion – A General Overview [1]
      Results of Recent Multidisciplinary Ethno-Genetic Research of the Serbs and the Serbian Population (in Aleksandrovac District) [1]