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      I will Follow him through Woody Mountains and Water: Semantic-Pragmatic Analysis of a Formula within the Context of Consensual Abduction [1]
      Icons as Merchandise: an Illustration of the Orthodox Identity in Serbia Today [1]
      Identity in a Virtual Community : the Case of Forum „Тhe Sign of Sagita“ [1]
      Identity of Ethnology and Unfeasibility of Anthropology [1]
      Impact of Paternal Investment Among Women in Sandzak [1]
      Imposing Patriotism. Anthropological Analysis of Constructing the “Cult” of Basketball Team of Serbia in the Sport Press [1]
      In memoriam Десанка Николић (1929-2016) [1]
      In Memoriam: Академик Петар Влаховић (1927-2016) [1]
      In memoriam: Петрија Јовичић (1971–2018) [1]
      In Search of a Painter’s Stroke. Female Body Boundaries in Zora Petrovic’s Painting ‘Acts’ (1956/1957) [1]
      In the Round Dance of the Deer: The Motif of the Deer in Traditional Serbian Ritual Songs [1]
      Inclusion of Blind and Visually Impaired People into Program Activities of the Open-Air Museum – Case Study ‘Tactile Heritage’ [1]
      Inheritance and Legal Status of an Adoptee and Adopter in the Example of Vranje [1]
      Inheritance and property relations in Vranje and its surroundings in the second half of the 20 century [1]
      Institute of ethnography SASA and the cooperation with the Serbian institute – Budapest [1]
      Institutionalized Humanitarian Actions and Ethnic Distance Given in the Example of Greeks and Serbs Nowadays [1]
      Instrument as a Symbol of National Identity: Fujara among Slovaks in Serbia [1]
      Intangible Cultural Heritage in Serbia: Practices, Knowledge and Initiatives [1]
      Intangible Cultural Heritage of Paštrovići: Bottom – Up Model [1]
      Interdisciplinary Dialogue on Migration Studies. Here and Now –Worldwide [1]