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      Calendar Hollidays and Customs in Villages at the Footstool of the Avala Mountain [1]
      Carnival of horror: metaphorical discourses of zombie walks [1]
      Caste behaviors among Gypsies in Serbia [1]
      Celebration of Islamic Holidays in the Religious Practice of Bosniaks in Novi Pazar – Ethno-anthropological Context [1]
      Changes in Annual Customs in the Villages Underneath the Avala Mountain [1]
      Changes in Relatives Relations Due to Death of Family Member [1]
      Changes in traditional children's games among Serbs in Tovariševo [1]
      Child Marriage Among the Roma Population in Serbia : Ethnographic research [1]
      Child wantedness and low weight at birth: differential parental investment among Roma [1]
      Christian and Pre-Christian Dimension of Ritual Procession [1]
      Christianization of Folk Customs : an Example of Ox’ Church [1]
      Christmas Customs Among Serbs in Timisoara [1]
      Christmas in Serbian Tradition in Romania – Kraljevac and Canad [1]
      Christmas in Serbian tradition in Sokolovac - Romania [1]
      Christmas SMS Cards as a Kind of „Electronic Folklore“ in Serbia Today [1]
      Church chanting in the Monastery of Žiča from the mid-20th century until today: from the Žiča chorus towards the Byzantine chanting [1]
      City Locations from Place to – No-Place and Vice Versa : a case of the Belgrade’s Staro Sajmiste [1]
      City-text and toponymy and local identity construction [1]
      Clothing in Belgrade vicinity : in the second half of 19th and first half of 20th century [1]
      Communion songs between habit and innovation. Modern musical practice in churches of Belgrade-Karlovac Metropolitenate [1]