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      Back to Serbia: Life Stories of the Remigrants from the United States since the Beginning of the 21 st Century to the Present [1]
      Basilisk (Cockatrice) and its Symbolism in the General and South Slavic Context [1]
      Being Female in Traditional and Contemporary Serbian Culture: The Ethnographic Work of Miroslava Malešević through the Prism of the Gender Issue [1]
      Belgrade Breakdance Girl: Breaking Gender-Specific Stereotypes with Dance [1]
      Between Hope and Fear: Anthropological Analysis of the ‘Revelation to John’ [1]
      Between Pride and Shame. Media Narratives on ‘Belgrade Pride Parade’in Contemporary Serbia [1]
      Between the Real and the Imagined: Variola Vera Epidemic in the Area of Yugoslavia Through Film Narrative [1]
      Biblioteke naučnoistraživačkih instituta i ustanova: zakonodavni okvir i praksa [1]
      Birds of ill Omen in Slavic Beliefs [1]
      Biti žena u nauci – naučnica: problemi i perspektive. O projektu Etnografskog instituta SANU pod pokroviteljstvom Uneska [1]
      Biti žensko u srpskoj tradicionalnoj i savremenoj kulturi: etnografski rad Miroslave Malešević kroz prizmu rodnog pitanja [1]
      Black Humor on the Film Screen: From Folk to Popular Culture [1]
      Brаčni i pоrоdični živоt u sеvеrnој Šumаdiјi u drugој pоlоvini 20.vеkа [1]
      Byzantine Chanting and Gender Identity. Comparative Study of Contemporary Circumstances in Serbia and Greece: Female Voice Between Divine Oiconomia and Human Economy [1]
      Byzantine church music as a field for ethnological and anthropological research [1]
      Calendar Hollidays and Customs in Villages at the Footstool of the Avala Mountain [1]
      Carnival of horror: metaphorical discourses of zombie walks [1]
      Caste behaviors among Gypsies in Serbia [1]
      Celebration of Islamic Holidays in the Religious Practice of Bosniaks in Novi Pazar – Ethno-anthropological Context [1]
      Changes in Annual Customs in the Villages Underneath the Avala Mountain [1]