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      Geoecological determinants of the protection and revitalization of water. [1]
      Geoecological evaluation of local surroundings for the purposes of recreational tourism [1]
      Geoecological evaluation of protected area for recreation and tourism planning - the evidence from the Bosnia and Herzegovina national park [1]
      Geoecological evaluation of Ramsar sites in the function of sustinable community development in Serbia [1]
      Geographic research of cities in the Geographic Institute 'Jovan Cvijic', Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts [1]
      Geographical aspects of natural disasters in Šumadija [1]
      Geosystem foundations of environmental governance [1]
      Global Geopark and Candidate – Comparative Analysis of Papuk Mountain Geopark (Croatia) and Fruška Gora Mountain (Serbia) by using GAM Model [1]
      Green infrastructure in the function of protecting spaces and habitats [1]
      Health risks of extended exposure to low-level UV radiation – An analysis of ground-based and satellite-derived data [1]
      Hiatus in global warming - the example of water temperature of the Danube river at Bogojevo gauge (Serbia) [1]
      Hidrološke suše u slivu Velike Morave [1]
      Historical Enquiry as a Critical Method in Urban Riverscape Revisions: The Case of Belgrade’s Confluence [1]
      Historical torrential flood events in the Kolubara river basin [1]
      Human Resources and Tourism – Skills, Culture and Industry [1]
      Hurricane genesis modelling based on the relationship between solar activity and hurricanes [1]
      Hydrological droughts in the basin of Velika Morava [1]
      Identification of recent factors that affect the formation of the upper tree line in eastern Serbia [1]
      Impact of renewable energy on landscape [1]
      Impact of the COVID-19 restrictive measures on urban traffic-related air pollution in Serbia [1]