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      Can spaceborne synthetic aperture radar be useful for the mapping of ionospheric disturbances in the Arctic Region? [1]
      Can the Quality of Hospitality Services Play a Role in Sustainable Equestrian Tourism in Slovenia? Mediations, Effects, and Implications [1]
      Can winter tourism be truly sustainable in natural protected areas? [1]
      Caractéres climatique de Herceg-Novi et de son territoire de gravitation avec un aperçu des conditions pour le developpement du tourisme et la culture des fruits meridionaux [1]
      Causes and consequences of climate change [1]
      Challenges of torrential flood risk management in Serbia [1]
      Changes in Traditional Activities of Industrial Area toward Sustainable Tourism Development [1]
      Chrysomelidae fauna (Coleoptera) of Obedska bara and Mt. Fruška gora [1]
      Chthonius (Chthonius) onaei n. sp. (Chthoniidae, pseudoscorpiones), a new epigean species from Croatia [1]
      Chthonius (Chthonius) onaei n. sp. (Chthoniidae, pseudoscorpiones), nova epigejska vrsta pseudoskorpija iz Hrvatske [1]
      Clear-sky spectral UV radiation modelling [1]
      Climate change and river discharge: Case study Kolubara River, Beli brod hydrological gauge [1]
      Climate change effects and UV-B radiation in the Vojvodina region, Serbia under the SRES-A2 [1]
      Climate changes instead of global warming [1]
      Climate of the Mountain Stara planina [1]
      Climate regionalization of Serbia according to koppen climate classification [1]
      Climate Services for Resilient Climate Planning of the Natural Heritage—Serbian Experiences [1]
      Commune Štrpce : Sirinićka župa : Demographic Development and Specifics of Social Environment [1]
      Commune Štrpce : Sirinićka župa : Socio-economic Development, Organization, and Use of Land [1]
      Commune Štrpce : Sirinićka župa : Trait of Natural Environment [1]