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      A new genus and a species of trechine ground beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Trechinae) from the Republic of Srpska (Bosnia and Herzegovina) [1]
      A new genus and species of the family Anthroleucosomatidae from Serbia (Myriapoda, Diplopoda, Chordeumatida) [1]
      Alkaline soda Lake Velika Rusanda (Serbia): the first insight into diatom diversity of this extreme saline lake [1]
      An evaluation of summer discomfort in Nis (Serbia) using humidex [1]
      Analysis of the state of vegetation in the municipality of Jagodina (Serbia) through remote sensing and suggestions for protection [1]
      Analysis of the Universal Thermal Climate Index during heat waves in Serbia [1]
      Analysis of tourist motifs in the function of development of cultural tourism in the settlements surrounded by protected natural resources [1]
      Application of the geodiversity index for the assessment of geodiversity in urban areas: an example of the Belgrade city area, Serbia [1]
      Application of tourist function indicators in tourism development [1]
      Architects’ Attitudes to the Housing Issue in the Interwar Serbia [1]
      Architectural visions and enchancement of tourism offer: Belgrade fortress [1]
      Arhitekte o stambenom pitanju u međuratnoj Srbiji [1]
      Asylum seekers in Serbia – between law and reality [1]
      Atmospheric circulation as a factor of spatial distribution of air temperaure and precipitation in Serbia. [1]
      Aктуелност Цвијићевих истраживања у контексту српско-албанских односа на Косову и Метохији [1]
      Bassin de Bela Palanka : étude de géographie sociale [1]
      Bassin de Crni Timok: étude de géomorphologie [1]
      Bassin de Sjenica : étude de géomorphologie [1]
      Bassin de Sokobanja : étude de géographie économique [1]
      Bassin fluvial de L'Unac : étude de géographie régionale [1]