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      Bridging the Great Divide: Contested Kosovo Span is a Symbol of International Failure [1]
      Britain and Interwar Danubian Europe: Foreign Policy and Security Challenges, 1919–1936 [1]
      British-Serbian Relations from the 18th to 21th Centuries, ed. Slobodan G. Markovich. Belgrade: Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Belgrade & Zepter Book World, 2018, 521 p. [1]
      Broken tombstone [1]
      Bronze and Iron Age sites in Srem and the stratigraphy of Gomolava [1]
      Bronze tile from the vicinity of Sremska Mitrovica: A contribution to studies on the architecture of Sirmium [1]
      Bryges and Phrygians: Parallelism between the Balkans and Asia Minor through archeological, linguistic and historical evidence [1]
      Bulgaria in old Serbian accounts of pilgrimage [1]
      Bulgarian Crimes against Civilians in Occupied Serbia during the First World War [1]
      Butcher shop [1]
      Byzantine emperor and frescoes in Mileševa narthex [1]
      Bоgоmilisme dans les Balkans et l’Asie Mineure II. Bоgоmilisme dans l’оrient оrthоdоxe [1]
      C.I. Christian: Singeroasa destramare - Iugoslavia (Krvavo razbijanje Jugoslavije), Editura 'Sylvi', Bucuresti, 1994 [1]
      Car registration office [1]
      Carrying Their Native Land and Their New Home in Their Hearts Mihailo Pupin and Bishop Nikolai of Žiča between Their Native and Adopted Country [1]
      Caspar Luyken's Illustrated Bible among the Serbs and Bulgarians in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries [1]
      Catherine Merridale, Lenin on the Train. London: Penguin Books, 2016, 353 p. [1]
      Catholic cemetery [55]
      Catholic cemetery entrance [2]
      Chapel in the small Romanian cemetery [1]