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      Temporal Formulas in Serbian Oral Epic Songs [1]
      Temporal Orientation and Ideology: Narrative Identity of the Serbs from Hungary [1]
      Tendencies in expressing verbal aspect in the Gurbet Romani: pilot experimental study with elementary-school children [1]
      Teodora Toleva, Vlijanieto na Avstro – Ungarija za săzdavaneto na albanskata nacija (1896–1908) [The Influence of Austria-Hungary on the Formation of the Albanian Nation, 1896–1908]. Sofia: Siela Norma AD, 2012, pp. 573. [1]
      Terms for the Deceased Among Slavic Peoples [1]
      Testimonies to common life: German writers of travel accounts from the 18th and 19th centuries about the Greeks in Serbia [1]
      The 'zograph' model of orthodox painting in Southeast Europe 1830-1870 [1]
      The 1905 Parliamentary Crisis in Serbia [1]
      The Absolute Power of the Sovereign, Bureaucracy, Democracy and Constitutional Government in the Works of Slobodan Jovanović [1]
      The Albanian Question in Serbian-Italian Relations 1914-1918 [1]
      The Aspects of French Literature in the Belgrade Journal 'Delo' 1894-1915 [1]
      The Austro-Hungarian Creation of a “Humanitarian” Pretext for the Planned Invasion of Serbia in 1912–1913: Facts and Counter-Facts [1]
      The Austro-Hungarian Occupation of Serbia as a “Civilizing Mission” (1915–1918) [1]
      The Austro-Hungarian Occupation Regime in Serbia and Its Break-Down in 1918 [1]
      The Balkan Urban Culture (15th - 19th century), collection of studies 1 [1]
      The Balkans in Seattle A Chronicle of the 18th Biennial Conference on Balkan and South Slavic Linguistics, Literature, and Folklore. University of Washington Seattle, WA, 29–31 March 2012 [1]
      The Balkans in the Cold War: Balkan Federations, Cominform, Yugoslav-Soviet Conflict [1]
      The Balkans' new political dynamic [1]
      The Bay of Cattaro (Kotor) School of Icon-Painting 1680–1860 [1]
      The Bayash and the Intangible Cultural Heritage [1]