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      Historical and ethnological influences on the traditional civilization of Pomaks of the Greek Thrace [1]
      Historical picture of development of Early Iron Age in the Serbian Danube basin [1]
      Historicism and ’Authenticity’ in Dialectology: The Case of Serbian in Hungary [1]
      History, legend, literature: Prince Vlad Tepes alias count Dracula [1]
      Holy Virgin of Bezdin and religious and political program of patriarch Arsenije IV Jovanovic [1]
      How to Write an Encyclopedia: L. F. Marsigli and his Network [1]
      Hrišćanska adventistička crkva [1]
      Hronika za 2004. godinu [1]
      Hungarian Views of the Bunjevci in Habsburg Times and the Inter-war Period [1]
      Huntington Samuel: Clash of civilizations and remaking of World order [1]
      Hügelbestattung in der Karpaten-Donau-Balkan-Zone während der äneolithischen Periode [1]
      Ideologija nostalgije u etnolingvističkom intervjuu [1]