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      Car registration office [1]
      Carrying Their Native Land and Their New Home in Their Hearts Mihailo Pupin and Bishop Nikolai of Žiča between Their Native and Adopted Country [1]
      Caspar Luyken's Illustrated Bible among the Serbs and Bulgarians in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries [1]
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      Catholic cemetery [55]
      Catholic cemetery entrance [2]
      Central Powers Agreement on the division of Balkan and Middle Eastern raw materials (Treaty of January 8, 1916) [1]
      Chapel in the small Romanian cemetery [1]
      Chapel in the southern Romanian Orthodox cemetery [2]
      Charity, good deeds and the poor in Serbian epic poetry [1]
      Chiefdom and Polis [1]
      Christian AdventistiChurch [1]
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      Church elements in Serbian folk ritual singing [1]
      Cilices у Сингидунуму. Белешке из војничке топиграфије и епиграфике [1]
      Cities in Christian and Muslim Epic Songs by Detelić Mirjana, Aleksandar Loma, Istok Pavlović [1]
      Civitates peregrinae in Illyricum in the times of the Principate based on the evidence of Pliny the Elder's Naturalis historia and epigraphic sources [1]