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      Charters, decrees, decorations, medals, documents [1]
      Chinese approach in globalization era: information-based revolution of education, science and technology [1]
      Classical tradition in the Glasnik of the Society of Serbian Letters [1]
      Clean technologies and preservation of the environment in agriculture [1]
      Clergy of Bosanska Krajina in the uprising of 1875-1878. [1]
      Climate change : inferences from paleoclimate and regional aspects ; Математичка теорија топлотних појава насталих сунчевим зрачењем : [представљање књига на Трибини Библиотеке САНУ, Београд, 25. јун 2013. године] [1]
      Climate changes – geoperspective [1]
      Collective rights management and digitalized cultural heritage [1]
      Competences of state authorities during cultural heritage’s digitisation procedure : experiences from the comparative law [1]
      Composition principles for generalized almost periodic functions [1]
      Compound anthroponyms in Serbian language [1]
      Concept of construction of SHPP in the aspect of conflict interest and synergic solutions [1]
      Concept of prevention: from science to implementation [1]
      Conceptualisation of space and education for art [1]
      Consequencesof the stabilization and association agreement between Serbia and the European Union [1]
      Consolidating the standardization of the Rromani language - past, present, future, in respect of dialectal diversity while granting easy wordlwide communication in mother tongue [1]
      Constitution today - what is left of sovereignty of the framer of constitution? [1]
      Constitutionalization of the right to equality and equal opportunities [1]
      Contemporary linguistic research into the Romani language in Serbia [1]
      Contribution of science and profession in the use of renewable energy sources [1]