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      An Overview of the Traditional Folk Jewelry of Kosovo and Metohija [1]
      An Unexplored Manuscript with Apocrypha in the Collection of Baltazar Bogišić [1]
      An Unknown Copy of the Service to Holy Prince Lazar and the Narration on Prince Lazar from the Third Decade of the 15th Century [1]
      Analysis of Intrinsic Stochastic Fluctuations of the Time Response of Adsorption-Based Microfluidic Bio/Chemical Sensors: the Case of Bianalyte Mixtures [2]
      Analysis of Stochastic Time Response of Microfluidic Biosensors in the Case of Competitive Adsorption of Two Analytes [1]
      Analysis of the Fundamental Detection Limit in Microfluidic Chemical and Biological Sensors [1]
      Anchor for the villages and Serbia [1]
      Anglizmi u hrvatskome nazivlju [1]
      Anthropogenetic homozygosity and adaptive variability : HRC-test in studies of human populations : [представљање књиге на Трибини Библиотеке САНУ, Београд, 10. децембар 2013. године] [1]
      Appendices to bibliography and sources of data [1]
      Application of pesticides in fruit growing [1]
      Application of pesticides in stored product protection [1]
      Aquaculture in service of edangered fish species protection in Serbia [1]
      Aquatica : књижевност, култура : [представљање књиге на Трибини Библиотеке САНУ, Београд, 16. децембар 2014. године] [1]
      Archetypes [1]
      Arthropod resistance to insecticides and acaricides [1]
      Aserb. pogorь, opogorь [1]
      Assessment of energy, environmental and economic impacts of small-scale hydroelectric power plants [1]
      Assessment of Spasticity by a Pendulum Test in SCI Patients Who Exercise FES Cycling or Receive only Conventional Therapy [2]
      Atomistic and crystallographic phenomena during nanograin island shrinkage [1]