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      Relation between storytelling and death in Priča o vezirovom slonu by Ivo Andrić : genesis [1]
      Religious life and ecclesiastical art of Serbs in Donji Budački in Kordun [1]
      Remarks on Radomir D. Lukić’s Axiology (of Law) [1]
      Reproductive freedom of the woman as a human right [1]
      Research and Reflections of Academician Milan Lojanica on Belgrade’s Poorest Housing Stock in the Second Half of the 20th Century [1]
      Resistance of mushrooms to fungicide [1]
      Resonant Frequency and Phase Noise of Nanoelectromechanical Oscillators Based on Two-dimensional Crystal Resonators [1]
      Return to Europe : Yugoslavia and the question of European security at the turn of the decade – from the 1960s to the 1970s [1]
      Review of development of the Swedish-Serbian trade and consular relations until 1914 [1]
      Risk assessment of drinking water shortage in Serbia [1]
      Rivers under threat – challenges for biodiversity conservation in the Danube River [1]
      Robodization and employement in the fourth industrial revolution [1]
      Roma Housing in Numbers: A Comparison of Overall and Roma’s Housing Situation in Belgrade Based on Data from the 1991, 2002 and 2011 Censuses [1]
      Romani : current standardization processes in Serbia [1]
      Romani language in Montenegro current state and future prospects [1]
      Romani language in the 21st century [1]
      Romani lexicography in Serbia: state of the art and availability [1]
      Romani modal verbs: some open questions [1]
      Romski jezik u 21. stoljeću : u labirintu varijeteta ili novim putem ka (re)standardizaciji [1]
      Roots of the current global economic crisis [1]