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      Impact of particular technical solutions onto energy and ecology issues of small hydropower plants [1]
      Importance of creating databases of stolen cultural goods for prevention of illicit trafficking via internet [1]
      In memoriam [3]
      In Memorium: Bogoljub Stanković (November 1, 1924 –May 16, 2018) [1]
      In memory of professor Vojin S. Dabić (1949–2017) [1]
      In our neighborhood: small solar system bodies [1]
      Independence of early Ragusan renaissance lyric in the oldest period of its duration [1]
      Industrial relations crisis and the (im)possibility of an effective dialog [1]
      Influence agreement on climat changes from Paris on the development of agriculture and villages in Serbia [1]
      Influence of Mechanical Activation on Electrical Properties of Ceramic Materials in VHF Band [1]
      Influence of mechanical activation on functional properties of barium hexaferrite ceramics [2]
      Influence of mechanical activation on microstructure and crystal structure of sintered MgO-TiO2 system [1]
      Insects and mites in the fauna of Serbia - importance for the classical biological control of weeds [1]
      Integrated evaluation of hydrologic, hydraulic and sediment processes on the Danube influenced by the Đerdap reservoir, aiming at projection of system safety accounting for global and climatic conditions [1]
      Integrated plant protection - a precondition for sustainable production [1]
      Internationalization of constitutional law v.s. globalization of constitutional law [1]
      Interwar investments in Yugoslav industry and Croatian-Slovenian propaganda [1]
      Is volcanic hazard a threat for the аrea of Balkan Peninsula? [1]
      Isidora Sekulić's contribution to the development of contemporary njegošism [1]
      Italianisation in Trieste and the еnvirons in the second half of the 19th century [1]