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      A "thing" - the concept and division in Serbian mediaeval law [1]
      A 16th-Century Manuscript Copy of the Typik on of Karyes (AHS 134/135) [1]
      A common fixed point result in strong JS-metric space [1]
      A contemporary view of Mihailo Petrović’s doctoral thesis [1]
      A contribution to the history of Serbian orthodox municipality of Senj – Sava Kosanović, administrator of the municipality 1917–1919 [1]
      About Stevan Simić and his Memories [1]
      About the symbolics of ritual behaviour in the folk culture of Serbs [1]
      Academician Mihailo Petrović – his contributions to science and education [1]
      Adapting to Shifting Imperial Realities: Mount Athos (Chilandar Monastery) in the Political and Economic Context of the Eighteenth-Century Ottoman Empire [1]
      Adsorption-desorption noise in microfluidic biosensors operating in multianalyte environments [1]
      Advantages of combined sintering compared to conventional sintering of mechanically activated magnesium titanate [1]
      Agencies for temporary employment : precariat labor or efficient labor market? [1]
      Agrarian crisis in Serbia, 1925-1935. [1]
      Agriculture of Serbia: One hundred years of modernization efforts [1]
      Akademik Nikola Hajdin, predsednik Srpske akademije nauka i umetnosti : intervjui i izjave 2001-2012 [1]
      Alcune chiose sul poema "buffonesco" Libero del Rado Stizuxo di Zuan Polo Liompardi [1]
      Aleksandar Arnautović, From pre-grave memoirs (War/Army/ Minister’s Cabinet/Bulgarian war/Albania/Embassy in Paris) [1]
      Algebraic heritage of Mihailo Petrović Alas and Serbian algebraic school [1]
      Alphabet and Orthography-Related Problems in the Serbian Society of Letters [1]
      Amphibians in Serbia today and tomorrow - ecological and economic value [1]