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      A proposal for the modernization of work on the SANU Dictionary of the Serbo-Croatian Literary and Vernacular Language [1]
      A Rare Serbian Old Testament Manuscript The Krušedol Bible [1]
      A. Brendler / S. Brendler (Hrg.), Europäische Personennamensysteme. Ein Handbuch von Abasisch bis Zentralladinisch, Hamburg 2007 [1]
      About Semantic Dialecticism on the Example of Phytonyms [1]
      About Some Aspects of Use of Synonyms in Andric’s Stories [1]
      About the Grammatical Structure of Toponyms : Based on the Examples from Belica Region [1]
      About the meaning of the noun vatra and oganj in the Serbian language [1]
      About the rudinica (Rudiment) and Homonyms of Two Proto-Slavic Adjectives in the Serbian Language [1]
      About the Sequence of Pronoun Units in Ontogenesis [1]
      About the Serbian lexic after the disintegration of the Standard Serbo-Croatian language [1]
      About vulgarisms in the Dictionary of Serbo-Croatian Literary Language of Matica Srpska [1]
      Accent of Adverbs in Serbian Speeches of South-Western Bosnia [1]
      Accent of Pronouns in Literary Serbo-Croatian [1]
      Accent System in the City of Lapovo Speech near Kragujevac [1]
      Adjective antonymy in a dictionary, context and cognitive system [1]
      Adjectives meaning ‘curly’ in the Serbian language: On the material of the common Slavic linguistic atlas [1]
      Adverbial Clauses of Manner in Contemporary Serbian Language [1]
      Ala terminologie des meuürs et coutumes a Banatska Klisura [1]
      Albano-Slavica [1]
      Alcuni effetti della mistaglossia a piu livelli sull'area slavo meridionale [1]