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      Tendencies Towards Amendments of Vuk’s Srpski Rječnik in the 19thcentury: Two Printed Compilations of Words from Srem [1]
      The acquisition of the meanings of prepositions kod and s(a) in early child speech [1]
      The Adjectives of colors in Eastherzegovinian dialect [1]
      The adjectives of the type milosrdan (a contribution to the study of compounds in the Serbian language) [1]
      The Almighty and (or) the All-Ruling in the Serbian Slavonic Language [1]
      The Bibliography of Professor Dimitrije Stefanović [1]
      The Border between South Slavic and Balkan Slavic : Key Morphological Features in Serbian Transitional Dialects [1]
      The Bulg. бùшка ‘sow, swine’ revisited [1]
      The category of expectation in some grammatical and lexical items [1]
      The Chilandar Constitution and mOnah : Electronic scripts for the Publication of Medieval Serbian Cyrillic Documents [1]
      The Cognitive-Linguistic Aspect of Near-Synonymy in Some Case Forms with Qualitative Meaning in the Serbian Language [1]
      The Committee for the Standardisation of the Serbian Language – Twenty Years of Work [1]
      The Common Features for Flyer-Biography and Hagiography [1]
      The Common Slavic *gotovъ Reconsidered [1]
      The Concept of Fate in the Kosovo-Metohija Linguistic World Image [1]
      The Concept of Home in Religious Discourse [1]
      The Concept of Hospitality in Language Realization of Serbian Nation (Based on the Examples of Vuk’s Material) [1]
      The Concept Of The SANU Dictionary In The Light Of The 1913 And 1944 Exemplary Volumes [1]
      The Construction Pod+Assusative Witn The Temporal Meaning [1]
      The contribution to the description of the so-called genitive of equation in Serbian language [1]