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      H. Koneczna — w. Zawadowski, Obrazy rentgeno-graficzne glosek rosyjskich [1]
      Handfuls of native words (Črni vrh : Banjani) [1]
      Hanna Popowska-Taborska i Wiesław Boryś, Leksyka kaszubska na tle słowiańskim [1]
      Henrik Barić [1]
      Homer via van Gennep : Some initiatory themes ih the Odyssey [1]
      Homonymy of animal names in Dictionnary SASA [1]
      How Can we Use Internet for Learning Serbian Language and Literature in Schools? [1]
      How do we Say: katalka or katarka? : A Couple of Words Between Synchronic Polysemy and Diachronic Homonymy [1]
      Hungarianisms in Serbian Language (Lexicography and Lexicology aspect) [1]
      I Carry my Cross, I Pray to God ... : Ethnolinguistic Transcripts from Metohija with Introductory Notes [1]
      Illyro-slavica [1]
      In memoriam: Егон Фекете (1931 – 2009) [1]
      Inter Generational Differences in the System of East Serbian Speeches [1]
      Interaction between Dialect and Literary Language in Montenegro 200 Years after Vuk’s Dictionary [1]
      Interesting Tellings of the Indigenous People of Novi Sad [1]
      Interpretationes Slavicae : Some Early mythological Glosses [1]
      Inventory of Serbian cyrillic manuscripts in Hungary ХIII-ХIХ century [1]
      Irena Stramljič Breznik (ur.), Manjšalnice v slovanskih jezikih: oblika in vloga / Деминутивы в славянских языках: форма и роль / Diminutives in Slavic Languages: Form and Role [1]
      Is there a PSlav *butarь /*buturь /*butyrь bhind a pseudohungarism? [1]
      Iskazivanje posesivnosti predlogom od u srpskim narodnim govorima [1]