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      Balkan Sprachbund — Unity in Diversity [1]
      Balkanološki institut [1]
      Basic principles of Mihailo Stevanović in presenting the units of lexical system [1]
      Basic Systems of Meaning of Serbo-croat Verb Forms in the Light of A. Belic's Ideas [1]
      Belić’s Conception of the Verbal Aspect and his Influence on the Development of Aspectological Views in Serbian Language Studies [1]
      Bemerkungen über die vorslavischen Ortsnamen in Serbien [1]
      Bi-Aspectual Verbs With the Stems of Foreign Origin and Prefixation in the Serbian Language [1]
      Biaspectual verbs in contemporary Serbian language [1]
      Bibliography of Slavic Linguistics 2000–2014, I–III, Edited by Sijmen Tol and René Genis [1]
      Bibliography of Works on Dositej Obradovic [1]
      Blood kinship terminology in Serbo-Croatian [1]
      Bone of the bone (Bodily parts as kinship designations) [1]
      Bori Imre, Irodalmak-kölcsönhatások, Ujvidék 1971 [1]
      Bridges of war and tin routes: πόλεμος and κασσίτερος again [1]
      Cases and prepositional case constructions with qualitative meaning in contemporary Serbia literary language (semantico-syntactic analysis) [1]
      Categorial Expressions šta, što and zašto in the Language of Petar II Petrović Njegoš (The Modalities of ʹʹBeingʹʹ and ʹʹNon-Beingʹʹ in Njegoš’s Idiolect) [1]
      Category of Gender in Grammar and Logic (In Light Of ’Feminization’ of the Serbian Language) [1]
      Child and Metaphor [1]
      Church Slavonic Language and Language Ideology [1]
      Church slavonic žlъděti ‘desiderare, cupere’ – relict or innovation [1]