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      (Не)референцијалност антецедента релативних клауза у песми „Он“ Сунчице Денић [1]
      *Rěč', *slovo, *besěda - етимологија и семантичка праисторија [1]
      *Rěč', *slovo, *besěda: Etymology and semantic prehistory [1]
      0 промени ст. слов. къіи „qui“ [1]
      70 година Института за српски језик САНУ : између два јубилеја (2007–2017) [1]
      A Closer Determination of Document Names in Serbian Monastic Charters From the EPOCH of the Nemanjić Dynasty (1196–1371) [1]
      A contrastive analysis of the performative appoint and its Serbian correspondents [1]
      A Contribution to the History of Serbian Lexicography (a Collection of Words in Manuscript Form by Vuk Stef. Karadžić as Part of Corpus Material for the Dictionary of the Serbian Academy) [1]
      A Contribution to the Study of Polisemy in Serbian [1]
      A Contribution to the Study of the psl *kovylъ / *kovylь ‘stipa pennata’ [1]
      A deszki (szerb) nyelvről [1]
      A Draft of the Categorial-Elementary Organisation of the Serbian Pronominal System : The System of Categories and Elements [1]
      A few words of delight [1]
      A Field Recording of the Vernacular from Mali Gaj in Romania [1]
      A form of the grammaticalisation of a sentence meaning [1]
      A Fragment of a Russian Surface Syntax Model: Attributive Construstions [1]
      A Fragment of the Serbian Prophetologion from Moscow Textological Analysis and Edition [1]
      A Glossary for Serbian Medieval Copies of „Scala Paradisi” [1]
      A Letter on the Mechanism of Noun Motion in the Serbian Language [1]
      A Lexicon of the Serbian Speech of Prizren [1]