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      V. Vinja, Jadranske etimologije [1]
      Valacho-Serbica : Der rumänische Spracheinfluß auf das Serbokroatische und dessen Geographie [1]
      Valacho-Serbica : L'influence de la langue roumaine sur le serbocroate et sa géographie [1]
      Valence Pattern of the Ethno-Dialectal Verb Lexemes in Ritual Food Culture of the Serbian Population in Vojvodina [1]
      Values and Attitudes in Language Standardization [1]
      Van and napolje , and Similar and Related Words in the Serbian Language : A Contribution to the Study [1]
      Varied Aspects of the Syntactic Relation Numeral ~ Noun [1]
      Vasko Popa: Od zlata jabuka: [приказ] [1]
      Vera Vasić, Tvrtko Prćić, Gordana Nejgebauer: Du yu speak anglosrpski? Rečnik novijih anglicizama: Zmaj, Novi Sad, 2001 [1]
      Verb Complements in the Hilandar Charter from Stefan Prvovenčani [1]
      Verbal će-constructions in Kosovo-Metohian dialects [1]
      Verbal Forms in Pushkin's Verses: Expression of Tenses in the Originals and in Translations [1]
      Verbal grammar in the Russian explanatory dictionary [1]
      Verbal Semi-Calques of Turkish Origin in Serbian Standard Language [1]
      Verbalization of the Concept of Health in the Timok-Lužnica Speech [1]
      Verbs Ending in -(j)eti, -im in Correlation with Verbs Ending in -iti, im in the Serbian Contemprorary Language [1]
      Verbs of "transformation" or "imitation" in Serbian [1]
      Verbs of emotion in contemporary Serbian language (a semantic and word-formation approach) [1]
      Verbs of visual perception in the Serbian language [1]
      Verbs with a Twist [1]