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      I Carry my Cross, I Pray to God ... : Ethnolinguistic Transcripts from Metohija with Introductory Notes [1]
      Ideological functions of reported speech in the process of language shift: The case of the Serbs of Bela Krajina [1]
      Idioms containing the lexeme obraz [1]
      Idioms derived from gestures and facial expressions [1]
      Ikavsko-jekavski govor M. Radnića [1]
      Iles oаsis iekaviens dans L'Herzegovine de l'ouest [1]
      Iles processus de mixoglottie et les continuantes du paleosl. *tj—*dj [1]
      Illocutionary Aspects of the Use of the Particles [1]
      Illyricum Slavicum. Првих пола миленија словенства на северозападном Балкану у светлу лингвистике [1]
      Illyro-slavica [1]
      Imeničke složenice sa glagolskom коmроnentоm u srpskohrvatskom jeziku [1]
      In memoriam: Егон Фекете (1931 – 2009) [1]
      In Search of an Ethnolinguistic Paradigm : A Glossary of Key Terms and Concepts [1]
      In the Second Half of the SASA Dictionary : Twenty Volumes of the Serbian Tesaurus [1]
      Indeclinable Adjectives in Serbian Language [1]
      Indirect Speech in Serbian and Russian [1]
      Initial and non-initial clusters of a nasal sonant and homorganic stop in the Balkan languages [1]
      Integral theory of polysemy [1]
      Inter Generational Differences in the System of East Serbian Speeches [1]
      Interaction between Dialect and Literary Language in Montenegro 200 Years after Vuk’s Dictionary [1]