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      Factors Influencing The Development of Vowels in Slavic Languages [1]
      Faeries in Sasa’s Dictionary of the Serbo-Croatian Literary Language and Vernaculars [1]
      Faktori koji utiču na razvoj vokala u slovenskim jezicima [1]
      Falling Stress in Non-Initial Syllables in Standard Serbian Language [1]
      Features of the stereotype „mother“ based on the thesaurus dictionary of the contemporary serbian language [1]
      Fehim Bajraktarević o rečima istočnjačkog porekla u srpsko-hrvatskom jeziku [1]
      Figurative Meanings of the Lexems Denoting Geographical and Atmospheric Terms in Serbian Language [1]
      Figures of Speech Of Harmonious Contradiction in Secondary School Students’ Expression [1]
      Filologija, knjiga 22–23, Razred za filološke znanosti [1]
      Findings Based on Fieldnotes from the Resava Region [1]
      Folk Terms for Rain with Sun [1]
      For a Rational Approach to the Standardization of Language – An Example from Serbian Syntax [1]
      Formal and Semantic Derivation of the Proto-Slavic Verbal Root *dvig- in the Macedonian Language [1]
      Formes modales avec l'imparfait ou le parfait du verbe biti (etre) + l'infinitif du verbe principal [1]
      Forming of Elementary School Textbook Discourse – Rules of Collocation and Concordance [1]
      Forms of the Verbs (-)bd(ј)eti and snabd(ј)eti [1]
      Fragments of the Slovenian linguistic picture of Serbia from the last decades of the XIXth century [1]
      France Bezlaj: Zbrani jezikoslovni spisi I-II, Uredila Metka Furlan, Ljubljana 2003, LXII + 1-689, XII + 693-1572 [1]
      Franciszek Sławski (13. V 1916 – 19. I 2001) [1]
      Frazeologizmy: Polskie problemy leksykograficzne [1]