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      Call and Guidelines for Collecting Vernacular Lexis (1898): an Important Contribution to Serbian Lexicographical Culture [1]
      Case relations vs. semantic roles [1]
      Cases and prepositional case constructions with qualitative meaning in contemporary Serbia literary language (semantico-syntactic analysis) [1]
      Cataphoric use of Serbian impersonal genderless pronouns ovo, to, ono in cleft sentences [1]
      Categorial Expressions šta, što and zašto in the Language of Petar II Petrović Njegoš (The Modalities of ʹʹBeingʹʹ and ʹʹNon-Beingʹʹ in Njegoš’s Idiolect) [1]
      Categories of Number and Countability in Serbian Culinary Terms [1]
      Category of degree in the Serbian language [1]
      Category of Gender in Grammar and Logic (In Light Of ’Feminization’ of the Serbian Language) [1]
      Catégorisation aspectuelle des concepts [1]
      Causal-Implicative Relationships in the Serbian Hypotaxis : Complex of generative complex sentences [1]
      Centering Theory, Transitions and Referent Marking in the Corpus of the Written Serbian Language [1]
      Certain microsyntactic constructions in Russian which include the word čto as a constituent element [1]
      Changement de la reequenle elementaire dans les mots dissyllabes avec l'accent deslendant long [1]
      Child and Metaphor [1]
      Church Slavonic Language and Language Ideology [1]
      Church slavonic žlъděti ‘desiderare, cupere’ – relict or innovation [1]
      Church-slavonic language in Serbian education system [1]
      Clauses of Cause with the Conjunction ako in Contemporary Serbian [1]
      Clauses of Purpose in the Vernacualr of Sirinić [1]
      Cognitive and Linguistic Assumptons of the Elementary Writing [1]