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Greater Croatian pretensions to Vojvodina and Bosnia and Herzegovina

dc.contributorЋосовић, Татјана
dc.creatorКрестић, Василије Ђ.
dc.description.abstractFor over a century, rumours have been spread from Croatia about Serbia’s intention to create a Greater Serbia and its aspirations to greater Serbian hegemony. This has been a constant refrain in all anti-Serbian speeches delivered both before the Yugoslav and international public. On the one hand, the Serbs and Serbia were presented as aggressors with great territorial appetites, whereas on the other, the aim was to conceal one’s own aggression and territorial pretensions to the ethnic, state and historical territories that belonged to others. Though such tactics is a well-known and long-lasting feature of Croatian politics, it has not been given an appropriate place and explanation in Serbian and foreign historiography. Croatia inherited such political approach from Austria-Hungary which demonised and satanised the Serbian intentions aimed at liberation and unification all the more so as its appetites towards the territories in the Balkans increased and as it more strongly expounded the German Drang nach Osten policy. According to such tactical approach, everything that was Serbian was proclaimed greater Serbian in order to nip in the bud and thwart Serbian interests which conflicted with the AustroHungarian ones. Following in the wake of Austro-Hungarian policy, in which they participated and often played the leading role, in all historical periods – from the 1848 revolution to this day the Croats have been denouncing Serbian often labelling it as greater Serbian. By reviling Serbhood and greater Serbhood, in which they saw the main rival to Croatdom and greater Croatdom, Croatian politicians did not only dream about a Greater Croatia, but also worked on building it, with determination and consistency, faithful to the principle that such end justifies all means, including even the genocidal annihilation of the Serbs. The Croatian aspirations to territorial enlargement have a rather long history. Although small in numbers and in a small territory, the Croats have fostered great imperial ambitions. This may be well illustrated with the various names such as: “Alpine or mountainous Croats” (Slovenes), “Orthodox Croats” (Serbs), “indisputable Croats” or the “flower of the Croatian nation” (Muslims), “Turkish Croatia”, “Red Croatia”, “White Croatia” or “Carpathian Croatia”, which were the territories of Bosnia, Montenegro, Dalmatia and Slovenia. These names have been carefully cherished and for centuries instilled in the consciousness of a Croat with the aim to develop the awareness of Croatia’s greatness and the numerical strength of the Croats. With the present two studies, I wish to demonstrate and prove when, how, on what foundations and with what objectives the Croats have endeavoured, from the 1848/49 revolution until the present time, to get hold of some parts or the entire territories of Vojvodina and Bosnia and Herzegovina. As precious data on this topic are scattered in different places, it is hard to gain insight into the entirety of this national, state-legal and geopolitical issue. With this in mind, I have elaborated in these papers, in a chronological sequence, on all important Croatian territorial claims on Vojvodina and Bosnia and Herzegovina. I have thus practically uncovered the decades-long greater Croatian politics and have provided concrete answers to the Croatian attacks at Serbia and the Serbs in regard to the so-called greater Serbian politics. I would also like to inform readers that this book is the second, supplemented and expanded edition of the book first published in 2012 in small print run (500 copies) and sold out a long time ago. Belgrade, 20 July 2016 Vasilije Đ. Krestićen
dc.publisherБеоград : Српска академија наука и уметностиsr
dc.subjectCroatian politicsen
dc.subjectSerbian politicsen
dc.subjectSoutheastern European countriesen
dc.subjecthistory of the Balkansen
dc.subjectinternational relationen
dc.titleВеликохрватске претензије на Војводину, Босну и Херцеговинуsr
dc.titleGreater Croatian pretensions to Vojvodina and Bosnia and Herzegovinaen
dcterms.abstractKrestić, Vasilije Đ.; Velikohrvatske pretenzije na Vojvodinu, Bosnu i Hercegovinu; Греатер Цроатиан Претенсионс то Војводина анд Босниа анд Херзеговина; Греатер Цроатиан Претенсионс то Војводина анд Босниа анд Херзеговина;
dc.description.otherПосебна издања / Српска академија наука и уметности ; књ. 685. Председништво ; књ. 6sr

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