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Lives and work of the Serbian scientists

dc.contributorСарић, Милоје
dc.description.abstractThe third volume of the edition Lives and Work of the Serbian Scientists encompasses the scientists from different sciences in a long period of time between 1836 till 1877. Their scientific ideas represent new knowledge, but also reflect firm links with a tradition and previous research activities. Therefore, they do not only enrich contemporary theoretical sciences and its applications, but also still provide incentive to many followers in Serbia as well as abroad. It is difficult to estimate the value of new discoveries which appear in science in the world, especially in a short period of time. It is necessary to consider not only longer time distance but the wideness of the world, particularly to be able to value new knowledge and to appraise its benefit for the mankind. In that quest it is very important to notice and study the changes of directions of research in a more close part of scientific problem, that is, in a discipline and in a certain science. In that way, we are able to get to know the development of a certain science and its problems, as well as history of development in certain disciplines of science. It is indisputable that, beside general history of science, or better to say philosophy of science, each science and scientific discipline has its own history. New ideas constantly emerge on the surface and are in the focus of scientific interest. A great number of those ideas vanish rapidly, but some remain for centuries as incentive for further more profound research and as an inspiration for new discoveries. In Forewords to the First and Second volume of the edition Lives and Work of the Serbian Scientists it was emphasized that there will be further study of scientists that were born in the 19th and the 20th century, far as long as there are Serbian scientists. Names of scientists born in the 19th century are listed in the Foreword to the First volume, and Second volume contains its supplement. The Committee for the research into the lives and work of the scientists in Serbia and scientists of Serbian origin has already began with preparing the list of scientists of the 20th century who are to be studied and are in the area of natural sciences and mathematics and their related branches. For the present, the list contains over 70 names, but it will be much longer as the Committee is still taking in consideration proposals from contemporaries on some more scientists that shall be added to the list. It is our hope that this edition will inspire new generations. Specialists in certain disciplines and sciences will be able to find among studied scientists such elements that are still of interest for research. Many researchers, being informed on results of some scientists, will probably arise new perspectives, new ideas, as well as the wish to put to test acquired results in modern conditions. Doing so, and reading the works of the authors in this edition, the contemporary researchers will be able to widespread their ideas and to put them in the prospect of development of future science. Academician Miloje R. Sarićen
dc.publisherБеоград : Српска академија наука и уметностиsr
dc.subjectSerbian scientistssr
dc.subjectDimitrije Nešićsr
dc.subjectKonstantin Kosta Alkovićsr
dc.subjectSava Petrovićsr
dc.subjectAleksandar Šandor V. Popovićsr
dc.subjectMilan Nedeljkovićsr
dc.subjectAleksandar Zegasr
dc.subjectDimitrije Danićsr
dc.subjectStevan P. Boškovićsr
dc.subjectJelenko M. Mihailovićsr
dc.subjectĐorđe P. Nešićsr
dc.subjectVladimir K. Petkovićsr
dc.subjectNikola A. Pušinsr
dc.subjectAleksandar Radosavljevićsr
dc.titleЖивот и дело српских научникаsr
dc.titleLives and work of the Serbian scientistsen
dcterms.abstractŽivot i delo srpskih naučnika;
dc.description.otherБиографије и библиографије / Српска академија наука и уметности : књ. 3. II одељење, Одбор за проучавање живота и рада научника српског порекла ; књ. 3sr

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