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Lives and work of the Serbian scientists

dc.contributorСарић, Милоје P.
dc.contributorМилосављевић, Бошко
dc.contributorRewston, Marijana
dc.description.abstractNowadays, when the number of scientific disciplines is multiplying and research procedure is becoming more complex, exploring the history of science has special importance. It has to inform researchers about the problems of the past and, through historical genesis, to outline the meaning of questions that the particular science explores. In that way, the history of science, although it may seem as paradox, has a particular place within the spectrum of sciences of future. It has to unify different kinds of experience from the past, on which present scientific achievements should lean on, and give new quality to study of contemporary scientific disciplines. Initiating the edition entitled Lives and Work of the Serbian Scientists is of special importance for the future of our science and for understanding of our own scientific past. It contributes to education process and gives incentive to generations for achieving new results. It is not in any contradiction with the present, when scientific information, hypotheses and theories are developed rapidly, but at the same time, they become out of date more rapidly. Knowledge on history of science has special importance as it creates certain scientist's consciousness of himself, of his belonging to national and international culture. History of Serbian science is important even for those that are not in the area of scientific research as it opens new cultural space. A number of scientific meetings dealing with these issues during the past few years, as well as many specialised journals and periodicals that were started, confirm the above statement. Cultural domain restrained by ideological prejudices and ignorance is thus overcome and our national being is authentically presented to the world.en
dc.publisherБеоград : Српска академија наука и уметностиsr
dc.subjectSerbian scientistssr
dc.subjectNikola Teslasr
dc.subjectBogdan Gavrilovićsr
dc.subjectSvetolik A. Radovanovićsr
dc.subjectPetar S. Pavlovićsr
dc.subjectLujo Adamovićsr
dc.subjectJovan Cvijićsr
dc.subjectMihailo Petrović Alassr
dc.subjectMilorad Jovičićsr
dc.subjectIvan Arnovljevićsr
dc.subjectNedeljko Košaninsr
dc.titleЖивот и дело српских научникаsr
dc.titleLives and work of the Serbian scientistsen
dcterms.abstractŽivot i delo srpskih naučnika;
dc.description.otherБиографије и библиографије / Српска академија наука и уметности : књ. 2. II одељење, Одбор за проучавање живота и рада научника српског порекла ; књ. 2sr

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