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Lives and work of the Serbian scientists

dc.contributorЂорђевић, Владан Д.
dc.description.abstractFor over 10 years the Board for the study of lives and work of Serbian scientist and scientists of Serbian origin, established by the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts in 1992, has been committed to publishing the edition entitled The Lives and Work of Serbian Scientists (the first volume came out it 1996). The 10 volumes of the Edition published so far portray the lives of 125 scientific experts on nature, mathematics, medicine and technical sciences that have greatly indebted Serbian science with their work achievements, leaving indelible mark on the world of science itself, as well as on. Serbian culture in general. Following Volume 10, in 2006 the Board published a special book which comprised English translation of the summaries about the lives and work of all those men of science previously mentioned, including their portraits. This special edition also contained a lot of useful appendices which classify the scientists according to the years of their birth, field of expertise, and the like, and which also provided basic information about the authors of the particular articles. Readers now have before them Volume 11 of the Edition which contains biographies of 12 new scientists. Special mention was made of medical people this time — 5 of them all together - but included are also biographies of 2 biologists, 2 geologists, 1 physicist, 1 geographer and 1 civil engineer. Once again we are very pleased to express our gratitude to all Board members for their hard work put into the selection of competent authors and reviewers and we also appreciate all of their comments and suggestions which helped this book maintain the same quality that the earlier editions are credited with. Acknowledgement is also extended to the authors of particular articles, reviewers, benefactors, technical staff at the Serbian Academy and the people of the Poligraf publishing and printing house.en
dc.publisherБеоград : Српска академија наука и уметностиsr
dc.subjectSerbian scientistssr
dc.subjectJovan Stejićsr
dc.subjectVuk Marinkovićsr
dc.subjectAćim Medovićsr
dc.subjectMihailo Petrovićsr
dc.subjectEduard Mihelsr
dc.subjectIvan Đajasr
dc.subjectMilan Lukovićsr
dc.subjectNiko Miljanićsr
dc.subjectKosta V. Petkovićsr
dc.subjectMihajlo M. Kostićsr
dc.subjectRadoslav K. Anđussr
dc.subjectBorislav D. Zakićsr
dc.titleЖивот и дело српских научникаsr
dc.titleLives and work of the Serbian scientistsen
dcterms.abstractŽivot i delo srpskih naučnika;
dc.description.otherБиографије и библиографије / Српска академија наука и уметности : књ. 11. II одељење, Одбор за проучавање живота и рада научника српског порекла ; књ. 11sr

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