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Lives and work of the Serbian scientists

dc.contributorЂорђевић, Владан Д.
dc.description.abstractThe death of academician Miloje R. Sarić (December 6, 2002) not only deeply touched his family but numerous activities he had been engaged in at the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts were also affected. Among the most significant ones was his role as the editor on this Edition as well as the managing of the Board for studying the lives and work of Serbian scientists and scientists of Serbian origin. The Board was founded in 1992 on his initiative. Over the following years, as the result of a systematic and devoted work, the Board has compiled a list which contains the names of over 200 scientists engaged in natural, mathematical, medical and technical sciences. The results of their work and efforts, undoubtedly obvious, have indebted our science and left a profound mark on our overall culture. Starting in 1996, 8 books with over 3500 pages containing the biographies of 99 scientists from the above mentioned areas of expertise have been published. The obtained results were of such importance that an institution with reputation such as the SANU naturally could not allow their efforts go be hindered or wasted because of the death of the editor in chief. The Board continued its demanding activities which resulted in publishing, albeit delayed, of the 9th volume of this Edition: The Lives and Work of Serbian Scientists which offers biographies of 13 esteemed men of science. We hope that this book, just as the previous volumes did, by serving its main purpose will save the names of mentioned scientists from the oblivion and that it will also be an inspiration and encouragement to young scientists who are just emerging into the arena of challenges and hard work which any serious scientific discipline demands of its devotees. I feel honoured to be able to express gratitude to all Board members for studying the lives and work of Serbian scientist and those of Serbian descent, investing much effort trying to decide on competent authors and reviewers as well as for their numerous useful comments and suggestions which they put forward thus helping this book to maintain and match the quality of the previous volumes. Acknowledgments go to: prof. Dr. Rade Dacić, prof. Dr. Slobodan Djordjević, academician Vladan Djordjević (Board President), prof. Dr. Zivorad Gajić, prof. Dr. Aleksandar Grubić, academician Nikola Hajdin (SANU President), academician Fedor Herbut, academician Zoran Kovačević, academician Dragoslav Marinković, prof. Dr. Jovan Nahman, prof. Dr. Milorad Radotić, academician Dragomir Vitorović, prof. Dr. Milovan Studović, and the associate member Zivorad Ceković as well as Mrs Vera Batina, the Board Secretary. I am equally grateful to authors of particular articles, critics, donors, SANU technical staff and the staff at „Poligraf" printing house whose names are mentioned in the book and have also been listed in the opening pages.en
dc.publisherБеоград : Српска академија наука и уметностиsr
dc.subjectSerbian scientistssr
dc.subjectVladimir V. Farmakovskisr
dc.subjectBranko Dimitrijevićsr
dc.subjectJovan S. Tomićsr
dc.subjectAleksandar Đ. Kostićsr
dc.subjectMiladin M. Pećinarsr
dc.subjectMiloš Radojčićsr
dc.subjectVojislav V. Avukomovićsr
dc.subjectSvetopolk Pivkosr
dc.subjectGojko Nikolišsr
dc.subjectPetar M. Stevanovićsr
dc.subjectPetar C. Drezgićsr
dc.subjectMihailo Lj. Mihailovićsr
dc.titleЖивот и дело српских научникаsr
dc.titleLives and work of the Serbian scientistsen
dcterms.abstractŽivot i delo srpskih naučnika;
dc.description.otherБиографије и библиографије / Српска академија наука и уметности : књ. 9. II одељење, Одборза проучавање живота и рада научника српског порекла ; књ. 9sr

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