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      Bosnia and Herzegovina - the state with a limited sovereignity [1]
      Boundary, minorites and intercultural communication [1]
      Consolidating the standardization of the Rromani language - past, present, future, in respect of dialectal diversity while granting easy wordlwide communication in mother tongue [1]
      Constitution today - what is left of sovereignty of the framer of constitution? [1]
      Contemporary linguistic research into the Romani language in Serbia [1]
      Corpus linguistics and romology in Serbia [1]
      Demographic framework of the labor market imbalance from a long−range point of view [1]
      Effects of labor quantity and quality on prosperity and income inequalties in Serbia [1]
      Employment in light of faster economic development [1]
      Enigma on German sovereignty and European safety [1]
      European court of human rights and globalization [1]
      Gabori Roma of Pančevo : faith and the language of faith [1]
      Hundred years of (in)tolerance: national states, hibridity and Balkanization [1]
      Internationalization of constitutional law v.s. globalization of constitutional law [1]
      Ius puniendi and the sovereignty of state in the area of globalization [1]
      Ius puniendi и суверенитет државе у време глобализације [1]
      Judical dictatorship as an instrument of renovated Monroe doctrine [1]
      Kingdoms and empires [1]
      Labour market and employment challenges in Serbia in XXI century [1]
      Labour market Institutions and policy [1]