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      Adsorption–desorption based random number generator [1]
      Asimetrična porozna membrana sa epoksidnim prstenovima [1]
      Asymmetric hydrogel membranes for heavy metal adsorption [1]
      Asymmetric membranes with interpenetrating proton-conducting morphology made by a combination of immersion precipitation and photopolymerization [1]
      Asymmetric polyethersulfone membranes with crosslinked poly(glycidyl methacrylate) particles [1]
      Asymmetric proton-conducting membrane made by photopolymerization [1]
      Asymmetric sol-gel proton-conducting membrane [1]
      Characterization of PDMS membranes fabricated by bulkmicromachining on silicon wafers [1]
      Dynamic adsorption of Rhodamine B from dilute aqueous solutions using negatively-charged membrane adsorbers [1]
      From viral barriers to proton conductors – novel applications for polymeric membranes [1]
      Functionalized Polymer Membranes for Plasmonic Sensing with Enhanced Selectivity [1]
      Herstellung Asymmetrischer Membranen [1]
      Membrane-based plasmonic nanocomposites for chemical or biological sensing [1]
      Modelling the size separation of NdFeB magnetic microparticles by magnetophoresis and gravity settling [1]
      Multifunctionalized Self-supported (Nano) Membranes as Integrated Platform for Plasmonic Metamaterials [1]
      Nanoplasmonic multifunctionalization of glycidyl methacrylate hydrogel membranes for adsorption-based Chemical Sensors with Enhanced Selectivity [1]
      Novel asymmetric interpenetrating proton-conducting membrane [1]
      Novel asymmetric polyethersulfone membranes for ultrafiltration application [1]
      Novel Crosslinker for Photopolymerization of Proton Conducting Fuel Cell Membranes [1]
      Novel crosslinkers for high performance poly-AMPS-based proton exchange membranes for fuel cells [1]