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      Novel negatively-charged ultrafiltration membranes made by a combination of immersion precipitation and photopolymerization [1]
      NPD in small manufacturing enterprises in Serbia [1]
      Photocurable Poly-AMPS-Based Proton Exchange Membranes For Fuel Cells [2]
      Photopolymerizable monomer formulations for nanoporous proton conducting membranes [1]
      Photopolymerization of crosslinked proton conducting membranes [1]
      Plasmonic Nanomembranes for Detection and Sensing [1]
      Polyethersulfone membranes with integrated adsorbent particles for heavy metals capture [1]
      Power Consumption in a Miniature Microwave Inductively Coupled Plasma Source [1]
      Preparation of NdFeB Magnetic Nanoparticles by Surfactant-Assisted High Energy Ball Milling [1]
      Primer primene optimizacionih modela u planiranju regionalnih sistema za vodosnabdevanje [1]
      Programska implementacija modula za obradu ulazno/izlaznih signala kod robotskog kontrolera opšte namene [1]
      Programski jezik za upravljanje industrijskim robotima [1]
      Proton conducting membranes based on photopolymerizable monomers [1]
      Silver nanoparticles within functionalized hydrogels for plasmonic (bio)chemical sensors [1]
      Smart Municipal Energy Grid within Electricity Market [1]
      Software implementation of input/output signal processing module in a general purpose robot controller [1]
      Solid phase extraction membranes with submicron multifunctional adsorbent particles [1]
      Theoretical investigation of a miniature microwave driven plasma jet [1]
      Theoretical investigation of a novel microwave driven ICP plasma jet [1]
      Transfer of nanomembranes from solution to a solid frame via reflow of low surface tension liquids [1]