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      Koncept multiprocesorskog upravljačkog sistema robota [1]
      Membrane-based plasmonic nanocomposites for chemical or biological sensing [1]
      Modelling the size separation of NdFeB magnetic microparticles by magnetophoresis and gravity settling [1]
      Multifunctionalized Self-supported (Nano) Membranes as Integrated Platform for Plasmonic Metamaterials [1]
      Nanoplasmonic multifunctionalization of glycidyl methacrylate hydrogel membranes for adsorption-based Chemical Sensors with Enhanced Selectivity [1]
      Novel asymmetric interpenetrating proton-conducting membrane [1]
      Novel asymmetric polyethersulfone membranes for ultrafiltration application [1]
      Novel Crosslinker for Photopolymerization of Proton Conducting Fuel Cell Membranes [1]
      Novel crosslinkers for high performance poly-AMPS-based proton exchange membranes for fuel cells [1]
      Novel membrane adsorbers incorporating cross-linked poly(glycidyl methacrylate-co-2-acrylamido-2-methylpropane sulfonic acid) [1]
      Novel membrane adsorbers incorporating functionalized polyglycidyl methacrylate [1]
      Novel membrane-supported hydrogel for removal of heavy metals [1]
      Novel negatively-charged membrane adsorbers made using combination of photopolymerization and immersion precipitation [1]
      Novel negatively-charged ultrafiltration membranes made by a combination of immersion precipitation and photopolymerization [1]
      NPD in small manufacturing enterprises in Serbia [1]
      Photocurable Poly-AMPS-Based Proton Exchange Membranes For Fuel Cells [2]
      Photopolymerizable monomer formulations for nanoporous proton conducting membranes [1]
      Photopolymerization of crosslinked proton conducting membranes [1]
      Plasmonic Nanomembranes for Detection and Sensing [1]
      Polyethersulfone membranes with integrated adsorbent particles for heavy metals capture [1]